The Valley Of Art is a platform for Artists and Charity; Art for a good cause. We believe in a new business model which we call Win-Win-Win Model.

Basically we sell digitally printed art on Canvas and Frames where the profit for each artwork sold is shared as follow:-
33% to Charity (kids Cancer)
33% to Artist
33% to The Valley (The Business)

Since we are targeting the world’s main regions ; Asia Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, United states and Canada; therefore the Artist is now able to get exposed worldwide instead of only selling his/her original artwork locally in his/her country.

So for you, Instead of you buying a cheap anonymous Canvas from convenient stores; now you can buy an Artists’s signed artwork printed on our Canvases supporting Charity and artist… its your choice :)

It might be a little bit more expensive but still cheaper than original Artwork and its certainly better than anonymous artworks sold in convenient stores.