The charity's big share of the profit is one of the main pillars of "The valley of Art" project. The motive is to encourage the artist to contribute ,as well as the buyer to buy. Sharing the love to the charity & the art.

Our principles for Charity Organisations:
  1. It won't be one organisation, but we will try to spread the love across the world as much as possible
  2. Basically the organisations are going to be kids cancer related projects.
  3. 33% of the profit goes to those charity organisations 

We have proudly made an agreement with "Kids With Cancer The reason we chose Kids with Cancer Foundation, is that we are based in Australia, and Kids with Cancer help children of the age of 0-12 years Australia wide, that are being treated for cancer. Since we are based in Australia,  which thankfully does support most of the kids cancer hospitals in Australia.

Moreover we would like to support kids cancer entities in other struggling countries in the near future; Me as the founder coming from an Egyptian background am considering supporting the biggest Kids Cancer hospital in Egypt "The Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt as well as other Kids Cancer foundations all over the world